Thursday, May 21, 2015

Have a professional do your packing

Why would you want a professional to do your packing for you when you could do it yourself?

Moving is stressful and it can weigh on emotions. You have to think of a lot of different variables and have to keep organized. 

Hiring professionals to pack for you is a way to mark off one major thing from your list when moving. You can sit back, relax, and focus on other parts of your move.

Having a professional pack for you can make your move go quicker which in turn can cut down your overall cost. The movers will be able to wrap, pack, and organize your items in a more efficient way. 
They will label all of your boxes and know where things are so when they unload at your new residence, they will know exactly what goes where. 

This will help you not have to stress out about not knowing where anything is and it will cause less clutter when unpacking. You will be happy knowing that you can unpack more smoothly and get settled into your new home sooner than you thought!

Remember to take these items with you: 

Valuables: Jewelry, money, important documents, fine wine, anything treasured/irreplaceable or meaningful to you

Hazardous materials: ammunition, firearms, gasoline, propane tanks will not be moved by your movers. Refrigerators should be unplugged at least 12 hours before your move!  

Extremely heavy items: for the most part your movers can lift and move pretty much anything but if it's extremely heavy, they may charge extra or even refer you to a specialist to help you move it.
Examples are: grand pianos, baby grand pianos, and in some cases very large safes.

Keep in mind that your mover may not move frozen foods, non-working cars, or live items such as pets or plants. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Moving during the week versus the weekend

Lets face it, people want to save as much money as they can when it comes to moving so what time is the best time to move- during the week or the weekend?

Weekday versus Weekend

Weekend advantages and disadvantages:
During the weekend is usually when most people are off of work and have some free time. This is usually when moving companies are the busiest which can make prices or minimums go up.

Keep in mind that if you are moving to and from a location that has stairs or elevators during the weekend it may take longer for your movers to move you. This is due to the fact that more people are likely to be out so the more foot traffic = harder for movers to use stairs and elevators which will make your move slower.

Weekends are usually booked faster due to the convenience of most people's schedules. Weekend moving is a nice way to get into your new home and then have the next day to unwind and unpack. You also wouldn't have to take time off work! It really depends on your own schedule and time to see if weekend moving is best for you.

Weekday advantages and disadvantages:
If you are able to make time to move during the week you have a few advantages by your side.

One of the biggest advantages is TIME! A lot of moving companies are slower during the middle of the month during the week so this might mean lower hourly rates, or lower minimums. This is a great advantage for you if you're trying to cut cost.

Another perk is flexibility. You won't have to scramble trying to compete for a weekend move date.

Although there are some nice incentives to move during the week, there are a couple disadvantages.

Not everyone has the ability to take off time during the week from work. Also, even if you do get a day to do your move, you may have to go into work the next day and that's not enough time to be able to unpack and settle into your new residence.

Here are some tips and things to remember before you book your weekday or weekend move: 

  • Let your moving company know right away if you have stairs or elevators at your location.
  • If you can reserve an elevator, do so for your movers! It will be quicker and more efficient for them which makes your move faster and your cost to go down!
  • Ask your potential mover about minimums on weekday and weekends to see which fits best for you and your budget. 
  • Organize and plan ahead of time! The more organized and ready you are, the faster your move will be. This will cut down on hours the movers will be using and will cut down greatly on cost! 
  • Be prepared! After organizing and planning, make sure you follow through and have everything ready. Pack anything loose into packing grade boxes. The more that is packed away, the fast your movers can get them into the truck!
In order to find out what time is best for you, get a quote from your mover. Quotes should be free and it's a helpful way to figure out what your cost may look like. 

To get a quote from Reliable Delivery, go to: Reliable Delivery LLC, click the orange "Request a Quote" button, fill out the form, and send it in! We will get you your estimate with pricing and availability ASAP. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Fight hunger on every move!

Thank you to Move for Hunger for sharing with us that summer is the time when children need food the most! When school is out, kids who receive free or reduced lunch will not have access to those meals during the summer. This is when more families turn to food banks.

Help by donating any non-perishable foods to your local food bank. If you're moving, please make sure to keep those items aside and give them to your movers. As a proud partner of Move for Hunger, Reliable Delivery donates all non-perishable food items from customers to the San Diego Food Bank.

Let's make a change and help stop hunger!!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Packing Materials

One of the toughest parts of moving is PACKING!!
Whether you are hiring a mover or doing it yourself, packing is always stressful and time consuming.

Make sure you know what types of boxes you need and why.

Always use packing grade boxes for your move. This is especially important when you are hiring movers to move your items as it will not be covered by insurance if it is not in a packing grade box.

There are different boxes for different items you may be packing so make sure you pick the appropriate size box for your belongings.

Types of boxes and materials Reliable Delivery carries:
Small boxes
Medium boxes
Large boxes
Wardrobe boxes ( We will provide 4 for you on moving day)
Dish Packs
Picture Boxes
Mirror Boxes (Ranges from small, medium, and large)
Packing paper (for dishes, small items that need to be wrapped, etc)
Brown Paper (for pictures, frames, anything that needs an extra layer of protection)

If you need any materials we are able to delivery them to your home ahead of your move. If you need packing services we will come to your residence and bring all the necessary materials and will pad and shrink wrap all of your furniture and help you pack quickly, and efficiently!

Know what you're packing away and what size box you need. For heavier items, use the smallest box it will fit in. This will prevent it from collapsing in on itself  or breaking while being transported.

Here are some extra tips to help you pack:

  • Do not re-use old boxes. You don't know if the box has lost it's integrity and could break on you during your move.
  • Never use duct tape- use packing tape!
  • Label all boxes on the top and sides so it's easier for you to know what goes where and what's in what
  • Start packing early- pack items that you do not need for the time being
  • Stack dishes upwards 
  • use smaller boxes for books (books add weight very quickly!)
  • Never use printed newspaper to write up fine china (it could transfer prints!)
  • Use wardrobe boxes to transfer closets easier (we provide 4 for you on moving day)
  • Do not use boxes without tops- this makes it harder to stack in a moving truck
  • Use bubble wrap for all electronic equipment
  • When you take furniture apart, keep a tally of where you put all the hardware. Either wrap them up and label them, or tape the hardware underneath the furniture at the base. 
After you are done packing you should sit back, relax and let Reliable Delivery make your move go smoothly so you don't have to do any more work. 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Insurance, Licenses, and coverage

In an earlier post we covered what being licensed and insured means for you and how to find out if a company is covered.

Why is a moving company being insured so important though? 
This protects you, the consumer, from being protected in case anything happens to your items during your move.

There are three tiers for insurance for your move as follows:

Basic insurance: This is standard for every move you get, at no additional cost.
                            Having basic insurance for your move means that if anything breaks or is damaged                               you get $0.60 cents per pound on the item.

Actual Value: If you purchase the actual value rate, this protects your items up to $2k/item or a                                   maximum value up to $10k.
Full Value: Purchasing the full value insurance will cover all of your items up to $25k or $4k/item.

If you book your move with us you will receive an Agreement form that will give you the tiers and pricing of each insurance value.

To get a quote go to: Reliable Delivery

If a moving company is not insured and an item of yours breaks during your move, you will not be compensated for that item. If a mover is injured at your residence you could liable yourself for their injury if they are not insured.

What's the big deal about hiring a licensed mover? 

Lets say you are moving from California to Arizona. The truck of the moving company you hired has to go through various check points throughout their drive to your new home in Arizona. During these check points the trucks have to go on a scale. When the trucks are being checked in they will look at all the trucks and make sure they are licensed. If they are not, the truck will not be allowed to go through the checkpoint and all of the items inside the truck and the vehicle itself will be confiscated.

This means that all of your belongings can be taken away and not given back because of the unlicensed truck!

Prevent yourself from all those hassles and make sure you are using a moving company that is legitimate and is fulled licensed and insured. This can make the all the difference in the world between getting your move done stress free or having to worry about all these liabilities.

If you would like to get a FREE moving estimate, go to our website at: Reliable Delivery and press the orange "Request a Quote" button on the top right hand corner!

Monday, May 4, 2015


Reliable Delivery offers many types of services including:

Commercial moves
Furniture Deliveries

Residential Moving:
We will pad wrap and shrink wrap all of your furniture so you don't have to worry about damage. We use floor runners to protect the floor of your home so they do not get ruined or dirty.

For residential moves you can even hire us to do the packing for you!
If you are in a large home, plan ahead and schedule one day for packing and a second day for moving. This will help cut cost and make your move faster and easier. If you are in a smaller home/apartment, we can typically pack and move you in one day.

Commerical Moves:
Do you own or work in an office that needs help with moving? Look no further! We offer commercial moves and will take care of all of your packing as well. We will pad wrap, shrink wrap, and pad door ways so you have have ease of mind knowing that nothing will get damaged.
If you already have everything packed but just need the help moving? We can do that too!
Don't worry about having to reassemble all of the furniture either because we are able to do that for you so you don't have to.

Furniture Deliveries:
We will pick up your furniture from either a residential or commercial location and drop it off at another location for you.
We will assemble the furniture and even take the old furniture away for you!

What if the item is already assembled but can't fit through the door or elevator? As long as it's safe, we can hoist your furniture up a few stories to get it into your home. The item will be wrapped and padded so it won't get damaged.


We provide storage for any belongings you don't need in your home right away or if need to put your items somewhere for any amount of time. For example: if you are getting your carpets replaced and need to move your furniture somewhere, we can store it for you!

Reliable Delivery will pick up your belongings and bring them to our secured, private storage facility. This means that it is not open to the public and has full security so you can rest assured that your items are kept safe.

When you need your items, simply call us to schedule a drop off time and we will be there to unload your items for you!

Need more information? Visit our website for more detailed lists of what we can do for you at
 San Diego Reliable Delivery

Friday, May 1, 2015

How do you charge your moves?

Moving estimates are always determined depending on your move so each quote will be different.

At Reliable Delivery we like to give our customers the most accurate estimate possible so you know everything you will be charged. We have NO hidden fees!!

What do you charge exactly?
We charge by the hour, fuel, and double drive time.

What is double drive time?

Per California State Law drive time is charged at the hourly rate and is based on the round-trip time from your current residence to your new residence.

For example: a 15 minute drive time would be charged at 30 minutes.
We do not charge for the time it takes us to drive to your current residence and we do not charge after we leave your new residence.

How can I get a quote from Reliable Delivery?

For your convenience you can head over to our website at SD Reliable Delivery .
At the top right hand corner you will see a big orange button that states "Request a Quote".
This is what the button will look like!

A form will pop up. Just fill out as much information as possible and as soon as we get it you will receive an estimate with our pricing, availability, and our Agreement form.

To book your move you will have to fill out the Agreement form and send it back to us by email or fax. You will then receive a confirmation email from us!

It's as easy as that!